How It Works

The Current Situation

  • Every employee is costing you up to $100 more than they should for their monthly coverage.
  • You’re missing out on cost-reducing discounts and rebates.
  • You’re unable to fix this situation without help from a third party.
  • You’re afraid that altering your plans in any way will increase risk or reduce coverage.

How We Solve It

  • With zero money out of pocket, we will step in and offer assistance.
  • There’s no need to reduce coverage or increase risk exposure.
  • We work independently with you, there’s no need to pay a new employee.
  • We will require little to no cooperation from your staff.

How MAD Enterprise Group Works For You

  1. Evaluation: We break down every single aspect of your benefits from coverages and plans to services and costs.
  2. Planning: Through our analysis we discover areas where you’re overpaying and will create a plan to reduce your costs.
  3. Fulfillment: We institute the policies we’ve agreed upon to start saving you money – it’s that simple!

Absolutely No Cost!

We work for you and only get paid when you get paid!

  • No fees or upfront costs.
  • The only compensation we get is a portion of your savings.
  • If we don’t save you anything, you don’t pay us anything!

MAD Enterprise Group


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